The selection of a burial casket is a very personal one. There are many options listed here for you to review. During arrangements, your Funeral Director will walk you through our on-site casket showroom in the Arrangement Center to see examples of caskets on display. Materials for caskets range from wood to metal. 


Veterans Memorial caskets (Freedom Midnight Blue & Patriot Ebony) are unique ways to honor a Veteran. These 18 gauge caskets feature interiors that are made with the same fabric that is utilized to create military uniforms. Each interior features gold stitching and two gold military service buttons on the overthrow. Both caskets can be personalized with an applique depicting their loved one’s branch of the military. The “Patriot” Ebony offers a choice between the Army or the Marine Corps and the “Freedom” Midnight Blue can be personalized with either the Air Force or the Navy emblem. The Patriot Ebony Veterans Memorial casket is on display in the Arrangement Center on the Brunner Campus.